Doaf’s Story

Doaf Master was born in 1964, and grew up in Silicon Valley. From an early age, Doaf’s parents took the family backpacking and instilled in him a love of the outdoors. In addition to the backpacking, the whole family would go camping every summer for at least a week. We must have stayed at every national and state park in northern California. We often camped with our best friends the Callahan family. They were 5 kids and we were 3. We “escaped” our parents for hours on end, climbing trees, damming up the creek, playing “chase” in the campground, and learning about schist and other cool rocks from the local rangers, who always had time for us. Evenings were great for roasting marshmallows and attending those amazing campground programs – sometimes there would be slide show, or a live animal like an owl or snake, but the best part was the “frog pond”- everyone would chant a different word, and it was totally cool.

An early backpacking trip near the Eel River in 1970.  From left to right, Blitzen, sister Mary, sister Judy, mother Kay, and the little Doaf.

Little Doaf in Desolation Wilderness in 1973. Now there’s a happy camper!

Here is the Family at Hetch Hetchy in 1975. What a fashion statement this family makes. Kind of like the Brady Bunch, where we might break into the song and dance routine at any moment!

Nothing like a mountain trout to cap off a day on the trail!

The Doaf continued to enjoy wilderness hiking and backpacking in his adult life, even as he had to take on a desk job and earn a living.  Of course, that’s allowed him to enjoy more things he loves, like stream fishing and snow skiing.  It’s been a dream of his for a long time to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  Finally, in 2013, a combination of an unsatisfactory employment situation and an inheritance gift from his grandmother emboldened him to get out there and make the dream happen. After completing over 800 miles in 2013, Doaf is again inspired to continue his pilgrimage, starting near Mammoth where he left off.