4/30 – Day 23 – Wrightwood Zero Mile Day

Rest days are not about resting.  Breakfast at a bakery, again super super nice people that had a million questions about my hike. Picked up resupply at post office, got some supplies at supermarket, more super nice people, got stove fuel at hardware store.  I will stop being a broken record because everywhere I went I have never met more friendly people. I went to the library to print out the important water report for the next 300 miles, back to the post office to send stuff home, back to supermarket to get a whole chicken for dinner. Like I said, a rest day is not a rest day unfortunately. By the way I have completed about 363 miles. Unfortunately I have had no time to send emails to people to seek donations. Worked tonight on these blogs and packing my heavy gear for the next 10 day stretch. It is supposed to get super hot Thursday and Friday, ugh. Time to eat more chicken. Did I mention Wrightwood rules!