5/19 – Day 42 – to Kennedy Meadows

I hiked up a little then down through burn zone for about 5 miles. I stopped at small creek, had a smorgasbord lunch of everything I had left besides a dinner. WallE came by, and I soon followed him at a very fast pace up the Kern River valley. I finally arrived at the Kern River, and WallE was getting water and swimming. A decent amount of water was in the river. I hiked on, fast, and arrived at Kennedy Meadows and Tom’s Place, a Hiker Angel spot.  It was a modest 18 mile day.  I scarfed on a burger and hot link, and then ice cream. I opened a 2-day tab. Played frisbee golf with Slim and Mike; the golf course was awesome. I got a trailer at Tom’s and shared it with Patches. Tom made pizza late, and we all chowed down.