5/7 – Day 30 – Bear Camp

Today I hiked from Francisquito Canyon (mile 478.2) to Bear Camp (mile 504) miles. That’s a 25.8 mile day.  Leisure Suit, Little Feet, and Dora got up at 5am and woke me up. Fell back to sleep and woke up at 6. White made pancakes for Cecil and me. I had four plate-size ones with lots of syrup. They waited for me to pack and after a mooning, pictures, and the signing the 2013 banner, Terrie Anderson drove us to the trail head. We caught up with Leisure Suit and Little Feet after 8 miles. The weather was still very cool; it was great hiking with many views. I stopped when I met Dora to dry my stuff and cook lunch. I caught up with Jeff and Cecil at a nice camp site in the forest at 5:30pm. Dora soon arrived. I ate a large meal and decided to hike on again at 6:45 pm. I passed White at 8 pm camped by the 500 mile marker.

I soon found a tent on the side of the trail; Cecil said someone ahead of us had lost one. It was hard to pack up but eventually I did. I will carry it to Hiker Town tomorrow.  At about 9:15pm, I found Bear camp.  I had seen bear footprints a few hours earlier.  I have been a month now on the PCT: 27 hiking days and 3 so-called rest or zero days. Not counting the zero days, I am averaging 18.66 miles a day.  Pretty awesome.

Click the link to see where I am located: http://fms.ws/B-7Kr/34.71235N/118.63258W