5/15 – Day 38 – Landers Meadow

Today I hiked from Golden Oaks Springs (mile 583.3) to Landers Meadow (mile 608.1), for a 24.8 mile day.

I got up at 6 and was out on the trail by 7:10. I felt really bad today as I could not sleep. The hike started hard and led through more burn zone hiking and more windmills. Marie soon caught and passed me. I saw a cool, not very frightened hare. I lagged behind all day. The scenery got much nicer, more green and forested. I was the last to Landers Meadow.  There I said so long to Wildflower, as she was heading to her summer job studying bees. Her mom picked her up, adnd she gave me some water as I was low. We (Yeti, Crumbs, Marie, and Spitfire) cooked dinner and chatted.  It was fun. I was in my tent at 9 pm. My hands keep cramping as I type. Our merry band leader, Spitfire wants to do 25 miles again tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight;  it is very windy again.