4/13 – Day 6 – Hanging with the Veterans

I left our little camp above Scissors Crossings before the others and found the speed hiker Thomas camped right above us.

It was a tough day through the hot and windy San Felipe hills. At many points along the trail you could see the trail in the distance, but it would take forever to get to the place on the trail you saw because it went way in and out of long side canyons, it made for a long, long day. When I got to Barrel Springs at around 6pm Thomas was already in his tent and Cecil was setting his camp up. They are both fast hikers and had passed me earlier in the day. There were about 5 other older hikers there. A huge guy and veteran AT trail hiker named Turtleback. He was a super nice guy and we chatted for a while as he worked on his feet wounds which I soon had as well. The always happy Heffe came into camp later. He has done a lot of hiking in the Sierra, as I have, and we shared some great stories of places we both been to in the past. I also met Tom there, another hiker I would run into for several days. The older crowd all crashed early which was good.

Completed mile 102.

Click the link to see where I am at the end of Day 6: http://fms.ws/Bi7mm/33.21503N/116.58818W