4/26 – Day 19 – Deep Creek

Got on on the trail about 8am with Ann, Accent, Clair (she did not look happy), and Ben. Hiked through a big burn area, by a long a creek. Saw Bill camped in a beautiful spot next to the creek. After about 15 miles I made it to Deep Creek with its big foot bridge. Bill and Jeff were already there. It was more like a river and had many trout in its cool water. Had a pleasant lunch, saw a big fast moving snake.

I saw two other snakes today, a large fo-rattle snake and little Rattle Snake. The Deep Creek Hot Springs were 9 miles down stream and Bill, Jeff and I decided to head out to get there. It was hard and I made at about 6:45. The hot springs are right on the trail. I did not go in hot springs but heard they were great. A lot of youth were hanging at the springs, it being Friday night. Right before I got there a helicopter buzzed the area. Apparently it is illegal to camp there and rangers often raid the area on Friday and Saturday so the locals said. After I had dinner, Beef Stew and 2 Top Ramens, I decided to hike on in the dark as to not risk getting a ticket. I hiked another mile or so and luckily found a place to sleep with many frogs. I saw one of the endangered toads, very big, but did not get a photo. I got in my tent finally around 9:45pm after a 24 to 25 mile day. I cleaned my feet but I stink. I need to stop over hiking. Cool out, learn to relax Doaf.

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