4/15- Day 8 – A Visit with Cushy

I got on the trail a 8 am in high wind and fog.

I was high in the hills in a rocky surreal landscape. After about 2 hours I arrived  at Mike’s Place which this year was run by Cushy. A wild trail angel dive in the middle of nowhere. Cushy offered me a breakfast burrito which I gladly enjoyed. I met Bill, Jack, and Cecil again there and two other hikers, a couple called New Dawn and Old School. Cushy is way into pot hence the trail name.

Then I hiked another 9 miles to Tule Springs. Thomas passed me again, he is an ultra light hiker. It was 4:45; I was low on water but decided to push on to the Anza water cache 6.3 miles away. I hiked as fast as I could and arrived at 7:15 to find Thomas sacked out right in front of the water cache.

I found a spot close by and quickly set up the tent and made dinner in the dark. Still windy and may rain tonight. The fourth 20 plus mile day in a row. Nice and warm in the tent but real windy outside, which may keep me from sleeping again. Not to mention my feet are hurting bad and blistered. If all goes well I should reach resupply #1 in Idyllwild in two nights. Thomas said Cecil is camped about a mile ahead. I doubt I can keep up with the young man (about 25 years old) but I have since Mt. Laguna 4 days ago.

Click the link to see where I am today: http://fms.ws/BjUN8/33.49936N/116.57005W