5/29 – Day 52 – To Mammoth

I ate three breakfasts at the hotel and packed up for the hour bus ride to Mammoth for resupply. First I went to the famous Erick Schat’s bakery and got some fattening stuff to eat before the bus ride at one pm.

The ride between Bishop and Mammoth is one of the most beautiful, bar none. There were two other people on the bus and the woman engaged me regarding my hike. She knew the mountains and agreed that skipping the section over Muir Pass to Mammoth was smart. When I saw how much snow was still around Mammoth, and that they were still skiing from the top, it made me feel better about my decision. I saw Bloody Couloir which I attempted four times and completed twice. It’s a ski descent from 12,500 ft Bloody Mountain. I arrived at Mammoth at 2 pm. Of course it was much cooler than Bishop, and it had rained that morning. I picked up my resupply box at the post and found a room at the Motel 6. My resupply box had very little food in it, a little problem but there’s a Von’s in town. I had an expensive roast beef sandwich from the also famous (brothers) Paul Schat’s bakery. Then I got a whole chicken which I ate over the next 12 hours.