4/16 – Day 9 – San Jacinto Mountains

The rain never came and the day was beautiful as I hiked alone through the desert chaparral county. When I arrived at highway 74, there was a small water cache, and I filled up my water bottles and continued on up into the San Jacinto Mountains. That water cache was key as I did not get any more water until late the next day. There was a PCT monument near the road and I ate at around noon. I made a great egg, cheese and salami omelet. Crystalized eggs are pretty darn good.

I hiked up and up and it got colder and colder. It was soon below freezing and foggy. The fog froze on the trees, and then ice chunks fell from the trees.

Very interesting, I believe that is what is called pogonip or ice fog: read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_fog. I did not see anyone until I passed someone camped high on the ridge. The trail in this section was in poor condition, steep and brush filled. I finally camped at Forbes Saddle, near dark, at about 7000 feet. It was cold that night, temperatures in the 20s.

Click the link to see where I am located: http://fms.ws/BfOxI/32.72906N/116.48351W