5/14 – Day 37 – Onward and Upward

I woke up before my alarm which goes off at 5:45. Showered and ate my microwave orange chicken. I also got some scramble eggs and sausage served free by the hotel. The trail angel Ken called and agreed to pick me up outside the hotel at 8:30 am. He was right on time. He was a retired math teacher and youth minister. The drive to Tehachapi Willow Springs Road mile 158.5 where I left off the trail last Thursday took only 20 minutes, and I was back on the trail by 8:50. It was barren land, very warm, many windmills, and a few cows. I saw four hikers in the distance and caught up with them at a small water cache a half mile from the 58 freeway. It was Spitfire, who I know from way back, and new to me hikers Yeti, Crumbs, and Marie. There was a big water cache after we crossed over the freeway. I filled up as the next water was a small spring 17 miles away. The trail went right along the freeway for over two miles so I called Dad, Burt, and Len. The trail headed steeply for eight miles; I stormed it and moved ahead of the group. The scenery was not too exciting.

I did see a hornet toad, they look so cool. I stopped for lunch at 4 pm and no one came by. I moved until I reached the next set of windmills as I new when I reached them I had only 5 relatively easy miles to go to get to Golden Oaks Springs. There Crumbs caught me and continued toward the spring. I soon followed. I arrived at Golden Oaks Springs mile 583.3 at 8 pm. That was a very hard hiking day, just short of 25 miles. The rest of the gang soon arrived. The spring is a trickle and the windmills are loud. I need to sleep now.