5/3 – Day 26 – Angeles Forest

I got on the trail by 6:30, wasted an hour going up a hill I thought was the trail, cross-country hiked down to the road, saw deer for the second time in two days. Hit the road and followed it for a mile until it hit the PCT. After about four miles I came across a cabin with four or five guys and a girl. They were from Arizona. They were cool, had a million questions about the PCT, gave me water and a donut. It was really hot already. I caught up with Accent having lunch with Wildflower. He said he wanted to find a girl friend while hiking and they seem to hit it off so I hope the best for him. I hiked on until the pass and rested. There I met a southbound section hiker named Bucket. He was 67 and was knocking off stuff from his bucket list. He is from Vancouver, originally from New Zealand. He is a big sailor, and last year sailed a catamaran across the Atlantic. It only took 14 days, that’s a fast boat. From the pass it was 8 miles to the Mill Creek fire station, which was empty but with water and picnic tables. On the way down to there I got the first cell reception for 3 days. I washed up and moved on at 6:30 pm. I got cell reception again on the way up the hill. Heard the Warriors won and are moving on to the second round of the playoffs, way cool. Also heard my Dad got upset because he did not get a GPS FindMeSpot from me on the 1st. Hiked on up until 7:30 pm. For dinner, ate yummy spaghetti and broccoli, with dried peaches for dessert.