5/8 – Day 31 – Hiker Town

Got up at 6:30 am. Everything very wet. Got lost a little to start, hiked in some beautiful green forest then down to the desert. It was a hard 12 miles to Hiker Town. I met the Frenchman Bruno who started the forest fire, or, as he is now called, French Toast. I carried my sleeping bag for 5 miles to dry it out, that worked well. Hiker town is owned by some rich ex-Hollywood producer (Scarface). It’s in the desert. The place looks like a sort of like a western town.

Bob the caretaker offered me a beer right when I got there. I was the only hiker there. I spent 3 hours, drying stuff, eating two meals, drinking lots of water, and a shower where I almost broke my leg. Jeff, Cecil, and White arrived in that order. Jeff soon headed out, Cecil and White were going to stay the night. I took off at 4:20 and hiked into the desert for about another 9 miles. I hiked along the California Aqueduct and on top of the covered over aqueduct. I found a nice spot to sleep in the desert.