5/21 – Day 44 – Rugged Hiking

Today I started at Tom’s Place at Kennedy Meadows, mile 702, and hiked nearly to Bell Camp Meadow, mile approximately 727. I got on the trail  at about 6:40 am, glad to move on. This is probably the hardest 200 mile stretch of the PCT with many high passes and rough country. My pack weighed at least 50 pounds. A dog followed me the first two miles, I was worried he might continue on but he finally turned back.  Most of the hike was uphill, and went from 6400 feet to over 10,000 feet. There was downhill at the end, and I am camped at about 9500 feet.

I continued to hike until 7:30 pm.  I am exhausted, and low on water.  I made a Top Ramen, added lentils, sausage and cheese; it was a great dinner. I ate dried strawberries for dessert. Only half my food fits in the bear canister so the rest is in the tent with me.  Tomorrow I will be near Mt. Newcomb. Perhaps I will make it to Rock creek for my first fishing opportunity.