5/23 – Day 46 – Tyndall Creek

I woke up at 5 am and got on the trail by 6:40. I hiked a little up but mostly down 8 miles to Rock Creek. I arrived there at 10:30 am. I met 2 people from Buffalo, New York, and the only people I would see today. They had climbed Mount Whitney. We were at the Rock Creek Ranger Station in 2006 for the Mt. Newcomb climb. It is much, much dryer and no mosquitoes this time.

I fished and caught 5 Golden Trout. They tasted great, and were a little supplement to my diet as I am getting too thin again. Then I hiked the 5.6 miles over to Crabtree Meadow, and there had a small snack. I saw the first marmot of the trip. Then I hiked another 4.1 miles over to Wallace Creek, arriving at 6pm. I had chicken rice with green beans for dinner. At 7 pm I moved on the 4.4 miles to Tyndall Creek. Today was the most beautiful hiking day so far. The full moon rising over Whitney, surrounded by high mountains — it was incredible. I switched to my bright light just in time to find a bear vault where I camped at about 9:30 pm. Made ramen but spilled it all. I hiked a total of 21.5 miles today, to complete mile 775 of the PCT.