5/9 – Day 32 – On to Tehachapi

Woke up about 5:15, my tooth hurting very bad. Figured I needed to get to Tehachapi tonight, so I could find a dentist on Friday. Left my nice quiet camp in the desert at 6am. Hiked very fast as I had over 30 miles to go to reach the highway that leads to Tehachapi. It was flat desert walking, but nice and cool. I came across a small water cache after about five miles and added a liter to my 2 remaining liters. Then 2 miles later came across a large water cache at Cottonwood creek bridge where I topped off. There were huge windmills everywhere.

Two guys drove up to me, they worked on the windmills, they offered me water, and had a lot of questions about my hike. I could tell the driver thought I was insane. I thanked them for their offer and moved on. I tried to eat constantly as I hiked, took my migraine medicine for my tooth ache and kept moving. The trail finally left the desert floor and headed up into the Tehachapi Mountains. After 15 miles, at 12:30, I arrived at Tylerhorse canyon and its small creek. The sign there read Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 16 miles. The trail for the next 8 miles was mainly up. It thundered and rained a little; it was cool which helped my fast hiking pace. I passed a 60 something couple, told them I was on the move and couldn’t talk, his trail name was Donkey something and I cannot remember hers. I also passed French Toast, the French guy who started the forest fire a few days back.

Go to the PCT Association web site for more on that. When it started to rain, French Toast passed me as I stuffed my gear into a plastic bag. It did not rain much but beautiful skies. At the top I met him again at the water cache; he said we were at mile 550 and I knew the highway was at mile 558. I moved on at 4pm, I jogged much of it because I wanted to get to the road with plenty of day light to try to hitch a ride. It got quite cold, jogging kept me warm, I also took my first emergency Vicodin to kill the tooth pain. There were many huge windmills that sounded like jet engines in the heavy winds. The wildflowers were impressive in this section which made the jog nice. Made the 8 miles in two and a half hours. Just below the highway was a picnic table and on the table was a list of Trail Angels who would come and give you a ride the 15 miles to Tehachapi. It started to rain. After calling four with no answers and having been there only five minutes a car came down the adjacent dirt road. It was Daniel Burns the angel who supplies the water cache 8 trail miles back. He owns a ranch near the cache. He promptly gave me a ride to Tehachapi and the hotel I am now in. Some how I felt my jogging would pay off, thanks angel Daniel Burns. Had a big Mexican dinner just a block from my hotel room. Looks like several dentists nearby, so I hope to see one early tomorrow.

Click the link to see where I am located:  http://fms.ws/B_lPt/35.13205N/118.44839W