5/10 to 5/13 – Days 33 to 36 – Tehachapi Rest Days

On Friday 5/10, I got several dentist phone numbers, none seemed to be open until 9. I decided to go the 3/4 mile to the post office and then start calling dentists. Half way to the post I saw a modern looking medical building with dentist, and it was open. As a walk in, I had to wait over an hour but not that bad. It turns out the sore tooth already had a root canal so it may be cracked or some other issue. The dentist said I need to go to the Endodontic’s and there is just one in town, Sandra Lara. She only works one Friday a month. I got pain pills, and will have to wait until Monday to hopefully see her. I have read some towns don’t like PCT hikers because they spend so little; that won’t apply to me. Now if I get back on the trail Tuesday, I will be lucky. I can catch up on my emails to raise money for MS.  Also I can watch the Warriors twice, and the Spanish Grand Prix, go Massa. Cecil, White, and Dora came into the same hotel, and the Aussie, Midget, who I have been tracking since day two and still have not met is here. I heard she was a jockey. No jinks, but Warriors could go to the Finals as OKC’s Westbrook is down. I also need to eat, eat, eat as I weigh just 165, down 20 pounds and I was fairly skinny to start. The Indian relative of the hotel owner keeps flowers all around the property. Three times I tried to tell him how much I like them but not sure he understood.

On Saturday 5/11, I had a big breakfast next door to the hotel; it was great. I walked a mile or so to Big5 and bought camp stove fuel, new back-up sneakers, and new gel inserts. Then I went to China Wall restaurant for lunch and ate oh so much. I returned back to the room and cleaned all my stuff, and repackaged food. For dinner I ate six tacos and large salad.

On Sunday 5/12, I thought it might be easier to stay at the crap motel I was at (versus switching to another) so I talked to the owner; I complained about not getting new towels and that the toilet did not work. He yelled at his Indian cousin for a while, and then he said I should have asked. The sign said discounts for four days stay, so I asked for a discount for the next two days. He said I should have arranged that in the beginning. The dude was an idiot. The only thing good about the motel was the flowers his abused cousin took pride in. I moved on to the Best Western down the street. What a great move! Deborah at the desk seemed to like me and gave me a large discount. It was a very, very nice room, plus pool, spa, weight room, free breakfast for just a little more than the shit hole I was in.

I called mom at my sister’s while they were having brunch to wish her a happy Mothers Day. She has helped me so much on my hike, sending my resupply boxes and adding special goodies to them like cookies and home made dried spaghetti sauce. Thanks Mom, Love Doaf.

For dinner, I got some steak to go at a country / cowboy place down the street. The girl that took my order was stoned, or l made her nervous, I am not sure which, but she sure messed up my order. It turned out Ok. After dinner Don VP helped me set up my Facebook and Twitter account; I am clueless about that stuff, but learning. I tried to watch the second to last Harry Potter movie that I have never seen, but was too distracted so I gave up on that. I had a great night’s sleep.

On Monday 5/13, I rented a minivan, very nice car with great air conditioning. It was 103 in Bakersfield. I found the endodontist, and I was an hour early. It worked out fine. The X-ray showed infection in tooth 14, one where I’d already had the root canal. The Doc said he would not treat because he does clean out then puts stuff to kill infection, and then 2 weeks later he completes job. I need an advocate when I go to Doc! I should have pressed him to do it. I had a root canal in one day before. Oh well. I drove back to Tehachapi for dinner and packing. I got food to go at City Slickers, a total Western place. I returned car late that evening after doing some last minute shopping.