4/10 – Day 3 – Mount Laguna

Lucy and I parted way from Derek and started the 15 mile, 90% uphill, 4000 foot climb to Mt. Laguna.  She kicked my butt and led the entire way up the mountain.

Lucy had a cool app on her phone and knew that the Mt. Laguna store was open until 5 pm. We walked up to the store at 4:45 and they were taking the flags down.  We asked if they were still open; they said “no sorry we’re closed”.  We were wretchedly disappointed.  In our exhausted state, we didn’t realize they were jerking our chain.  The store owner was a real joker; we were just so tired it took us a moment to catch on to his humor.  We bought some supplies. Lucy got a 12-pack of beer.  We planned to go stay at the Burnt Rancheria campground – another mile on.  The store guy told us it was closed, but he approved of our plan anyway.   While re-hydrating on the steps of the store, we saw a sign “Cabins” so I decided to pay the $60 to rent a cabin.  I stayed with Lucy in the cabin, with nice hot showers, and after she drank beers she stopped talking for the first time (not that I minded her talking).  It was great to have a cabin and the good company of Lucy.  At around 6000 feet, it was pretty cold.

                                                                                                           Cecil           ?                                Andrew

Here is a link to Lucy Sue’s blog about this day: