4/29 – Day 22 – Wrightwood

I slept well and got up to see the sunrise.

Up and up I hiked, got more water at a well-stocked cache and after about 6 miles I reached the forest where it was much cooler, more my preferred landscape.

At about 1 pm I came upon the Acorn Trail that goes down 2300 feet to resupply town #2, Wrightwood – a very nice town in the forest. Everybody I met was super nice and had many questions about my adventure. I stayed at The Pine Inn run by a super friendly man from Korea. His sister recently from Korea was there. I think he was attempting to set me up with her. She did my laundry, would not accept any money and I tell you my laundry was awfully stinky and dirty. She was interesting, had spent time in Moscow, and spoke Russian, Chinese, English and Korean. I stayed in a nice cabin right near the Mexican restaurant I ate at. Huge, incredibly good carne asada meal, and the best service I’ve ever ever had, without a doubt. I should mention the young woman providing the service was beautiful. Wrightwood rules!

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