4/21 – Day 14 – Hot Hiking Day

Everybody at Ziggy and the Bear’s woke up early and Andrew and I started out at 7AM. It was already very warm. Up and down and up and down in ever increasing heat. In Gold Canyon we encountered this tortoise with some kind of transmitter.

We finally reached the largest creek of the hike so far, White Water River, at about noon in 90 degree weather after covering about 9 miles. We decided to wait out the heat for about four hours. It was still hot but getting cooler as we hiked through the desert for another seven miles until we reached Mission Creek. I was ready to camp but Andrew wanted to hike into the night. We decided to eat dinner and then hike on in the dark. It was a good idea and quite enjoyable. We camped or slept in a cool canyon with frogs. About a 17 mile day.

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