Today Pistol and I dropped Doaf off at Doaf’s selected access point to the Pacific Crest Trail.  He started Day 1 of his hike today Tuesday June 5th, a gorgeous day in the eastern Sierras!  Below (in 4th photo) are Googoo, Doaf, and Pistol at start of hike.  Doaf’s fishing pole is pointed up toward the pass he needs to hike up!

On the previous day (Monday) the angels (Pistol and Googoo) drove Doaf from Reno to Bishop.  We stopped on the way at Mammoth Lakes to drop off the first supply box at the Post Office there, and also to pick up the important PCT wilderness permit.  The Forest Service manages the number of hikers who access the trails.  The ranger was “cool” says Doaf and was quick to explain the rules about leaving no trace and using a bear canister.  He obviously respected Doaf’s extensive trail experience.  After a couple sight-seeing stops at Convict Lake and Hot Creek geothermal area, we checked in at the Bishop Comfort Inn, for Doaf’s last evening in civilization for quick a time. We partied, had a big tri-tip dinner, and set our alarms for 5:30 am.

After a hearty breakfast Tuesday morning, we left town by 6:30 am and drove 20 miles south on the 395, and then headed west on the access road.  After two miles of paved road, there were almost 5 miles of steady uphill on a very rocky and challenging dirt road, following Taboose Creek.  Doaf made final adjustments to his pack, and at 8:30 am he embarked on this great adventure.  Doaf’s trail angels hiked the first mile with him, and then said good-byes.  Remember Doaf – it is all in front of you!

The trailhead here (photo below) is at 5400 ft.  The altitude at Taboose Pass is 11,392 ft.  Wow! This will be quite a strenuous first hiking day for Doaf.  The whole day is spent just making it up to the Pacific Crest Trail.  This area of the Sierras is quite remote, so please be patient as Doaf’s first blog entry from the trail may be a few days out.

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