I got up with the birds a little before 6. The five Through Hikers around me got up after me but hit the trail before me. They all have been on the trails for many weeks and have perfected the process of moving out in the morning. I made coffee and ate some Nutella and granola.

The trail immediately headed up away from the E. Carson River. The views were great, there were many flowers and all the small creeks were flowing strong.

The hiking was great, it seemed like mostly up, but there was down too.  I stopped for lunch at Wolf Creek after hiking 13 miles. Eating was difficult but I tried to eat as much as I could.

Still some snow.

I hiked on to Wolf Creek Pass and past charming Asa Lake and then onto a windy but unnamed pass (9300 feet)with great views high above Noble Lake to the north.

Asa Lake

Looking south from Unnamed Pass.

North from Unnamed Pass – Noble Lake Below

I rested at Noble Lake under a couple of shade trees. The lake was in high chaparral country and the water had an odd color. I spoke with five women heading south and one gave me an Alka-Seltzer which did somewhat help my stomach. I have gone 18 miles, but I wanted to make Ebbetts Pass so I headed out for the final 5 miles.

Noble Lake (not my picture)

Hikers below Nobel Lake

Cool Tree

I got a ride from a couple trail angels, Judy and Deb (Thank You) from Ebbetts Pass to Carson City where I spent the night to rehab.

I hiked 23 miles today. PCT mile 1026 to 1049. I have now hiked 110 PCT miles in 2018.