I awoke early, and was on the trail by 6:15. It was unusually warm last night and sleeping was difficult. The first five miles was up hill from thick forest to barren rocky mountain side.

Camp at Tamarack Lake

Smokey View of Lower Blue Lake

The 5 mile climb ended with a view of the Lost Lakes.

I rested and ate for about 15 minutes next to upper Lost Lakes. There were a lot of baby fish in the lake.

The hike continued up and or flat until I reached the Forestdale Divide and then the trail dropped down for several miles in a lush green valley with several lakes or ponds.

High Grass Trail

Soon the uphill began again, and again I hiked through several zones; meadow, forest, chaparral and then pure rock. I hiked 12 miles this morning and I met Trail Angels Googoo and Pistol at Frog Lake. We hung out at Frog Lake for a while then headed the out the final mile to Carson Pass.

Frog Lake

Frog Lake (Pistol on far side of lake)

Pistol and Doaf

Doaf and GooGoo

Spanish Fritillary Butterfly

Carson Pass Kiosk

I hiked 13 miles today. PCT mile 1064 to 1077. I have now hiked 139 PCT miles in 2018.