I hardly slept last night as my stomach was in pain and I could not hold down food. Writing of down, that is where I will be heading all morning as I pass lower Palisade Lakes and down Palisades Creek to where it meets the Middle Fork of the Kings River.

Lower Palisade Lake

Here begins the “Golden Staircase” section which was the last section of the John Muir Trail to be completed in 1938.

Looking Down Palisades Creek toward Middle Fork Kings River

Golden Staircase (not my photo)


When I reached the Middle Fork of the Kings, I rested for lunch and met a half dozen “Through Hikers”.  There were 3 foreigner’s a German guy, Frenchman, and an Italian women. They had met on the trail and were hiking together.  The Italian was very chatty. They all moved on as I continued to rest and soon another older young man came off the trail looking exhausted,  I tried to speak with this guy, we were both stupidly exhausted, but I could hardly understand a word he said. I thought he may have some mental issues as he kind of mumbled. It turns out he was from Wales and he was speaking English. His name was ??? Jack.

Middle Fork Kings River


Little Pete Meadow


This is as far as I made it in 2013,  This is at PCT Mile 831, also where the Bishop Pass Trail meets the PCT.

I camped near one other hiker “Zum”. We both crashed early. I am still having trouble holding down food even at this somewhat lower altitude of 9200 ft.

My Camp #3 Big Pete Meadow


A bountiful day of hiking a relaxing camping spot at Big Pete Meadow.

I camped at PCT Mile 833, I hiked 14 miles today, 32 miles total.