Today is the day I conquer the last 12,000 foot pass of the PCT, Muir Pass. I dread the inevitable snow hiking as I slowly move up toward the pass.

Black Giant – 13,330 ft

Trail on edge

I passed the Welshmen here, about where the snow began again, he had hurt his knee and he said he was going to wait until the next morning to make for the pass, when the snow would be firmer.

Mt. Solomons 13,034 (Muir Pass to right)

I met a Women heading south, she said the snow was much firmer further up, that made me smile.

Frozen Lake

Heading straight up the snow wall, I finally see the top of Muir Hut and I am very ecstatic to be close to the top. The pass is near the midway point of the John Muir Trail, which traverses the pass. It crosses the Goddard Divide between Mount Solomons and Mount Warlow, at an elevation of 11,955 feet (3,644 m).

Muir Hut. This building was constructed in 1930 by the Sierra Club in. cooperation with the Sierra National Forest and dedicated to the memory of John Muir. The Muir Hut is intended as a temporary shelter for hikers caught in storms on this exposed section of trail.

Muir Hut

Inside Muir Hut

(Mt.Goethe – 13,264 ft) North Side Muir Pass, miles of snow to go. Ugh.

Camp 4 High above frozen Wanda Lake (11,500 ft)

Spectacular scenery, very hard hiking. The combination of high altitude, extreme physical activity, lack of caloric consumption, and limited REM, is really hitting me hard. I am still unable to eat, it’s hard o swallow anything. I can not even hold down the baby coated aspirins I use for the altitude. Tomorrow will be down down, down unto the supremely beautiful Evolution Valley.

I camped at PCT mile 840, I hiked 7 very hard miles today, 39 miles total hiked.