I got up early, I wish I could say I woke up early, and hit the snow while it was still firm. My boots were frozen solid so I hiked in my backup trail runner sneakers. They actually had excellent grip on the hard morning snow, but on rock they were slippery.

Looking North in Evolution Basin, a bit more snow hiking to go.

Past the snow looking down into Evolution Valley




It was a good day of hiking, the creek crossing at Evolution Meadow was no problem. At the crossing I met a young women, Face Plant and several other through hikers. I hiked on down until I could go no longer and I camped just before the bridge that crosses Piute Creek and the end of the Kings Canyon National Park section of the PCT.  I previously hiked on the section coming up tomorrow on a memorable trip a couple decades ago where one member of the party got lost and on the way out we were hit by an insane lighting storm that was scary. Today the weather is perfect and still very few bugs.

I camped at PCT Mile 856. I hiked 16 miles today, and 55 miles total.